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Veggie Raw Material to Make Vegetable Softgel


Veggie Raw Material to Make Vegetable Softgel

Joysun is capable to supply vegetable ingredients compounding powder that is suitable for manufacturing softgel, empty capsules, gummy candies and other dosage forms. The vegetable raw material is a plant gelatin that with corn starch as main raw material mixed up with food additives. This plant gelatin has the following characteristics:

  1. Strong colloidal viscosity and good tension. This makes the softgel a higher successfully rate and stronger, more stable seaming. Compared with other veggie raw material, it reaches a higher yield per batch.
  2. More adaptability. This means some minor adjustment on softgel encapsulating machines; we can use this compounding powder on current softgel equipment.
  3. Stable production: we’ve tested this veggie powder on softgel machines, it turns out the machine can run stably with suspension, powder/oil dosage at a speed of 2.5-3rpm. While other veggie raw material can only operate at 1.5rpm with paste type softgel.
  4. Stable product quality: based on the chemical inertness of raw materials, it maintains good biological activity and sensory stability for the contents that are prone to cross-linking reaction;
  5. Softgel manufactured using our vegetable gelatin, it has better adaptability to the temperature and humidity; And avoids the occurrence of abnormal performance such as adhesion, deformation and discoloration.

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