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Gummy Candy Machine

Gummy candy is so popular and widely loved by people of different ages. various flavors are available for options. There is small equipment to make gummy at home (household gummy making machine). to increase capacity for the growing market need you should consider industrial mass production gummy candy machines which has higher level automation, reducing labor intensity, less changeover, less cross-contamination and etc.   

Considering budgeting, there is two types of gummy making machines to use. A gummy machine deposits filling liquid into rays of metal molds; after cooling and drying, the gummy falls out from the metal cavities with specific shapes and sizes. This is a cheaper choice to start with. Capacity ranges from 50KG to 600KGS.  

Another option is to use starch mogul. It is a bigger mass production gummy candy making line starts from 600KG, up to 2000KGS per hour capacity. The starch mogul uses trays of starch. The starch powder itself forms series of cavities to hold filling liquid. The starch helps absorb excess water, and can be recycled to use again. This kind of gummy machines are much more expensive than the first one. This consider to be a more suitable way to make gummies which widely used to make nutraceutical gummies with Vitamins and other nutraceutical ingredients.