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Sugar Coating Machine


Sugar Coating Machine

Function: coating candy with powder, sugar, oil.
Applied food: gummy candy, jelly beans, peanuts, green peas and etc
Feature: smooth coating, low noise, no pollution, continuous running, high capacity


Sugar Coating Machine Parameter

Capacity 500-600kgs/hour
Material SS304
Power 2.05kW
Electrical  220/380V, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase
Dimensions 1914×1100×1500mm
Weight  ≈300kg

Candy Polishing Machine Parameter

Capacity up to 50-70 kgs/cycle
Power  5.7kW
Oil Spray System with spray gun, oil pot 10L-Option
Rotational speed 0-32rpm/min
Material SS304
Dimension 1500×900×1500mm