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Gummy Packing and Bag Forming Machine


Gummy Packing and Bag Forming Machine


Gummy candies are countable and fillable into JS gummy packing and bag forming machine. This gummy packaging machine combines an electric counting filling function with a film bag-forming mechanism. Therefore, the gummy is measured by gummy pieces and not weight. The gummy packing and bag forming machine is not limited to just packing gummy, hard candies; it is also applicable for small solid objects such as tablets, softgel, capsules, pills and etc. This packaging machine is a stand-alone model which is also compatible with connecting to the automatic packaging line, and OKAY to respond to the MES system.


Gummy Packing and Bag Forming Machine Features

  • Accurate: Adopting an independent optical detection system to ensure a high level of counting accuracy and speed; The smallest identified size: 1mm.
  • Fast: High-speed counting speed. the counting efficiency can reach up to 20,000 pcs /minute if it is for gummy candy. For metal material, the speed is even higher.
  • Flexible: With one-key cleaning and quick switching of counting gummies, it is very suitable for various and small-batch production gummy candy counting the packaging.
  • Intelligence: The counting machine can store formulas for different materials; recall and use one specific formula at any time after saving.
  • The detection photosensor is independent of the gummy channel to reduce the impact of dust on the photosensor; therefore, it ensures high precision and high speed of counting.
  • The gummy packaging machine has three-stage vibratory feeding, and each stage is adjustable to ensure a faster flow of gummy candy.
  • The feeding mode supports manual feeding and automatic feeding mode.



Output/Hrs. 15-40 gummy bags/hour
Vibration table series 3 levels
Feeding Manual feeding or via Lifting feeding
Counting method Electronic counting
Counting range 15~999 gummy
Gummy size Ø3.5~24mm, L:3.5~28mm
Packing method Vertical packaging
Atmospheric pressure 0.5~0.6Mpa
Hopper volume 38L
Bag film width Max. 320mm
Bag size (L)50~180mm, (W)50~160mm
The voltage of the power 1Phase/220V/50Hz/ AC
Total power 3.6KW

Gummy Packing and Bag Forming Machine FAQ

Is gummy packed by quantity or weight?
The JSGC series gummy counting and packing machine count gummy by quantity, piece by piece, not by weight. The user gets an overall weight by multiplying each gummy candy weight. Compared with conventional counters, JS gummy counter has a wider application, suitable for products with major differences in weight. Small impurities and particles in the material can be distinguished, and they are not counted in the preset quantity. High gummy pass rate.

How’s the counting accuracy in each sachet?
The accuracy reaches 99.9%. high and stable.

How many kinds of sachet can be formed to fill gummy into?
Several sachet or bag shapes and sizes are available on the machine by changing the molds and adjusting the sachet length on the machine. See FIG. below, buyer can choose from below; for more shapes, contact [email protected].


What’s the counting speed and sachet forming speed of this gummy package machine?
There are two speeds on the machine, one for gummy counting speed and another one for bag forming speed. The Gummy counting machine starts from 8 lanes while the bag forming machine starts from 25 bags per minute on the bag shape and size. The machine is automatic and meets various gummy manufacturing production needs. For even higher speed, contact the supplier for more detail.

What if the gummy does not count in the bag but in bottles?
The machine is a combination of a gummy counter and bag forming machine. We can simply replace the bag-forming machine with a conveyor. The user can put bottles onto the conveyor to fill the gummy instead of putting them into bags.

Is a standup bag ok to use on this machine?
Yes, the standup bag is ok to use on the machine. We change the bag-forming machine to a bag-giving machine which gives ready standup bags, opens the bag mouth, fills the gummy into the bag, seals, and conveys out.

What advantages of JS gummy counting machine?


Using high-speed infrared dynamic electronic scanning technology, the number of gummies is accurate.
Each channel has an independent material door structure. When the counting and bagging are carried out at the same time, the material door separates the gummy from two different bottles, so that the lower part of the material door is bottled while the upper part continues to count the gummy continuously. Under the control of the high-speed microprocessor, without interfering with each other, the number of gummy candies is accurate and fast.

What’s the structure of the gummy candy counting part?
JS gummy counting machine is composed of 4 major systems: counting mechanism, gummy feeding mechanism, drop mechanism, and Material Door Structure

What’s the mechanism of sachet forming?
Once the buyer determines one shape and size of the sachet. We customize one mold to satisfy the packing need. On the same mold, the sachet width is fixed, and cannot be changed while the sachet length is adjustable on the same mold. In a word, by adjusting the length, one set mold is capable of making several sizes of the bag with the same width but different bag lengths.