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Electronic Softgel Counter


Electronic Softgel Counter Characteristics

1. Suitable for small-scale nutraceutical and pharmaceutical factories.
2. Suitable for softgel of symmetric shapes.
3. The number of the softgel can be set up from 5-9999.
4. Stainless steel material manufacturing, conform with GMP requirement.
5. Easy to adjust, and operate; small size, compact design, less space occupation.
6. Photoelectric sensor to count.
7. Rotary channel with fast and smooth operation.
8. Vibration feeding design, the vibration frequency of the hopper can be adjusted.


Speed 800 – 2000 capsules/min
Application Scope Hard capsules, softgel, tablets, pills, etc.
Control Method Touch screen control
Counting Method Fiber optic infrared detection
Bottle Size Diameter 25-75mm, Height≤180mm
Counting Errors ±0.3%
Motor Power 110V~220V/50-60Hz /25W
Net Weight (kg) 50kg
External Dimensions 735mm×580MM×720MM
Machine Material Main parts material 304