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Related Packaging Machines

Softgel capsules are usually packed in bottles, blisters, and bags.
Nutritional softgel tends to pack in bottles like 60,80,120, 180, or even bigger sizes. To pack in bottles, users need an automatic bottling line which might contain a bottle unscrambler device, capsule counting and filling machine, manual insertion machine, capping machine, cap sealing machine, labeling machine, and conveyors. All those items complete a packing line, and each piece of equipment works for certain functions. Users can choose just several packing machines instead of packing lines upon actual package needs.

Blister packing machines: a packaging method that seals the softgel capsule between a blister formed of a transparent plastic PVC sheet or aluminum foil. Blister packaging format is lightweight and convenient to be carried around. Also, the good sealing performance can prevent moisture, dust, and pollution; The blister packaging can only be done via a blistering packaging machine which reduces the worker’s mal-practice or mistake caused by human factors. According to the automation level, the blister packaging machine can be classed as semi-automatic and full-automatic.