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Softgel Encapsulation Machine Manufacturer and Gummy Line Supplier



Joysun Mech-Tech is a company based in Zhejiang, China, specializing in manufacturing equipment and solutions for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. The company has many years of experience, the machinery is widely used in the industry, and enjoy a certain reputation in the international market. Especially in the field of softgel encapsulation production line and gummy candy production line, Joysun’s equipment quality and reliability are considered to be excellent.

Joysun has a wide range of manufacturing equipment, including softgel encapsulation machines, gummy depositing machines, capsule filling machines and capsule/gummy packaging machines. In addition, the company can provide customers with personalized solutions to meet the needs of different customers. In order to ensure product quality, Joysun has established a complete quality management system and strictly abides by relevant standards and regulations.

In addition to product quality, Joysun pays great attention to customers’ needs and attaches great importance to communication and cooperation with customers. The company’s sales and technical teams are experienced and well-stocked with expertise, providing timely and efficient customer service. At the same time, Joysun keeps innovating and researching and developing, launching new machines and new technologies to adapt to market changes.

In conclusion, Joysun’s brand reputation, product quality and customer service have all been recognized and we are a trustworthy company.


Warranty 12months


Full time service



A decade of expertise



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What’s the advantages of Joysun Mech-Tech machines?   

We are a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of softgel machines, capsule filling machine and gummy candy equipment; to compare our machines to that of western or European countries. We have obvious advantages:

  • saving up to 50-70% of the buyer’s budget (as well as the spare parts price).
  • Manufacturing time is much shorter, saves about 1 to 2 times.
  • Strong and stable quality machines and equipment. Thus our machines are the best balanced between price and quality.

What’s Joysun Service?

  • Provide most suitable thorough consultation and production solutions in a blueprint, budgeting, reducing risks.
  • A professional team to design, manufacture, test machines. Provide drawings, instruction& manuals, teaching videos or training upon request. Fast response, all machines come with easy to understand operation manual and troubleshooting guide.
  • Common spare parts always have in stock for ready and fast dispatch to reduce machine downtime.

Aftersales Service Commitment?  

Joysun Mech-Tech has a professional and experienced maintenance team, backed by a strong technical force, can provide long-term technical support, and sufficient supply of spare parts, reliable quality, and timely supply. We are committed to providing users with high-quality services, timely and reliably troubleshooting for users, and ensuring the normal operation of equipment.

Training Plan?

During the installation and commissioning of the equipment, we train machine operators and maintenance personnel on-site (during covid, operation videos will be provided to user due to engineer is not available overseas). basic working principle of equipment, equipment operation, equipment maintenance technology, equipment failure analysis, and troubleshooting, routine maintenance of equipment, procedural steps for replacement of wearing parts, molds, dose adjustment and etc., Level of training: Ensure that the user’s operators fully grasp the operating procedures of the equipment, can operate the equipment normally; the maintenance personnel master the equipment maintenance measures, and can properly repair, maintain and troubleshoot general equipment failure.


Be Our Worldwide Agency

Professional proficient and experienced sales agency are welcomed to be become our agencies, distributors and foreign partners.

  • Help promote machines sales worldwide.
  • Build mutual reputation via OEM/ODM or under our brand.
  • Enlarge mutual sales scope.
  • Provide our overseas user with on-site service, translation service, guidance and other support.
  • Mutual benefit and profits.
  • Joysun provides full support for our end user and sales agency during the whole project.

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