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Seamless Softgel Machine

Brief Introduction to Seamless Softgel Machine

JS Seamless softgel machine also known as the seamless capsule machine can make tiny and micro softgel from 3-8mm size. Smaller or Bigger size pills need to test and customized upon the buyer’s requirement.

Seamless Softgel Machine Features

  1. Stable production speed and high finished product ratio.
  2. Produce seamless softgel with more sizes, size adjustment is convenient.
  3. Fill quantity difference of softgel is lower, steady, and fewer fluctuation
  4. Has a distinct advantage for small diameter softgel production.
Seamless Softgel Machine
Drying Basket for Seamless Softgel Nutraceutical
China Softgel Encapsulation Machine Supplier
Stainless Steel Drying Tray for Seamless Softgel
Mixing Tank for Seamless Softgel

Quick Guidance for Purchasing Seamless Softgel Machine

What is seamless softgel? 

Seamless Softgel is a relatively smaller size round pill than regular softgel. The seamless softgel shell material can be gelatin or vegetable material. Currently seamless capsule can be manufactured for below products: cigarette beads, fresh breath mint, nutraceutical pill, fragrance scent pills, cosmetics, and medicine. There is single layer seamless softgel and double layer. The regular size ranges from 2.5-6mm, other bigger or smaller size should be tested out. A successful dosage should have almost no leakage rate.


Characteristics of seamless softgel?  

With its small size and airtightness wrapping format, the seamless softgel with the below features. Its small size determines it is easy to consume and swallow down and its appearance is appealing. During encapsulating, the filling pump is specifically for small dosages with high precision, therefore, the seamless softgel has a low discrepancy in filling volumes. The inside filling material is wrapped into round balls, and the shell masks unpleasant odors, and smells if there are any. the airtightness dosage reduces the risk of oxidization and low permeability of cross-contamination.

Seamless softgel can also encase potent, powdered drugs via mature production technology, it acts as a container for certain ingredients.

What are the main parts of seamless softgel machine and its structure? 

Seamless softgel machine is composed of a fill material supply system, gelatin supply system, pulse cutting system, paraffin oil circulation system, cooling system, shaping, and drying system, and automatic monitored control system.

A small seamless softgel production line includes the below items:

Seamless Softgel Production

1.1Seamless Softgel Machine-Touch screen and PLC type 
1.2Gelatin Melter 
1.3Tumble Dryer, special made for seamless softgel 
1.4Drying Tray and trolley 
1.5Vacuum system 
1.6Air water separator 


What does seamless softgel machine work?  

  • Gelatin melting
  • Filling material preparation
  • Pre-cooling and set the seamless softgel Machine ready
  • Load material onto hopper and run the machine
  • Discharge and drying
  • Inspection
  • Packing


What is to consider when purchasing seamless softgel machines?

1. Formula: user need to have a mature formula for the shell. It determines the leakage of pills. The water content fo
2. r the gelatin shell is quite much, so it reduces the elasticity of shell. It cannot hold very much filling. This is also a reason why seamless softgel is smaller size.

3. The filling material should be pure oil, better no mixture of oil and power or suspension. Because the filling nozzles for seamless softgel is quite small. Liquid with particles might clog the nozzles. Another reason is that heavy oil tends to break during encapsulation.

4. Unlike softgel production that requires good vacuum control during the gelatin melting. The gelatine preparation for seamless softgel is relatively simpler.

5. White oil/paraffin oil is suggested to use as coolant circulation during encapsulation. Before seamless softgel discharge, it goes a long way inside white oil coiled route. Thus the pills will be more stable released from machine and enter tumbler dryer, less leakage risk.

5. Choose the mini softgel machine with automatic control and adjustment as much as possible. With auto mode, much ease the operation and have data record during R&D.
The shell thickness, material flowrate and nozzle sizes influence the encapsulation speed and pill diameters at the same time. User should reach a harmonious status of the three facts.

6. There is no strict room temperature and humidity requirement during the encapsulation process. The mini softgel encapsulation process carries out inside the transparent column and coolant pipes. It is assumed the encapsulation is done in a closed environment. It’s not the same as softgel production where the gelatin ribbon is exposed to room environment.

7. manufacturing micro softgel, the machine itself is less complicated than softgel encapsulation machine. a successful micro softgel production relies more greatly on the formula, operators mastering of the working principle and fine adjustment. It is a tricky job.

Seamless Softgel Machine Parameter

Diameter of SoftgelMost stable work at 4-6mm size
ProductivitySoftgel Fill Quantity(mg)pc/h
Fill Quantity Difference  ≦±3%
Dynamic Stability of Fill Quantity  ≦0.5 (8 hours continuous working)
Power (3 Phases)  230V/380V/50Hz/60Hz
Average/Max Power Consumption  1.5KW/6.0KW
Overall Dimension  1080X800X2060 mm
Weight  450kg

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