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Softgel Tumbler Dryer


Softgel Drying Tumbler Dryer Description

Softgel Drying Tumbler Dryer is a drying equipment for shaping and drying for softgel. It consists of several drying baskets; each basket has independent fan blower and motor so that each basket can work alone without influencing the next basket. The softgel become solid and cool down inside tumbler dryer before entering next step.

Types of tumbler dryer Joysun has

  • Independent movable single basket dryer
  • Inline tumbler dryer
  • Double deck tumble dryer
  • Smart softgel dryer combined with dehumidifier

Drying Tumbler Dryer Characteristics:

a. The drying baskets use 316L fine stainless steel to make; surface well treated, making sure no scratch or damage to softgel.

b. The guiding bars/tubes inside baskets adopt FDA approved ultra-high molecular material (not PP/PE compared to some suppliers); the softgel capsules will not stick in baskets because the reasonable design and the small friction co-efficiency.

c. The internal guide bars adopt a specially designed asymmetric structure, to ensure that the softgel is evenly dispersed in the baskets during dryer rotation.

d. Tumbler dryer has auto and manual modes. During automatic control, each drying basket of the tumbler dryer rotates in accordance with the forward and reverse running time set by the operator.

e. Each drying basket has an electrostatic discharge device.

f. The safety protection function is built in so that when the operator lid off the cover, the dryer stops rotation. Back to normal running after cover put back.

g. The alarm light flashes seconds before softgel discharge to give notice operator for preparation.

h. The control system adopts time relay control.


Softgel Tumbler Dryer Parameter

Basket Size mm 580*600 580*900 730*1010 Double Deck
Max Loading KG ≈20 ≈38 >38 ≈76
Fan power KW 0.32 0.32 0.55 *2
Motor power KW 0.4 0.4 0.75
Rotation RPM 0-18 (suggested stable speed is 10-12rpm)
Fan volume 3000 m3/h
Basket Number Optional : 4baskets; 6baskets; 8baskets…32baskets

Big Stand-Alone Independent Tumbler Dryer

No. Parts Describe
1 Main Machine TD-3FG
2 Basket size Ø800x1100mm
3 Batch/Capacity 90kgs
4 Weight of basket ≈80kg/ea
5 Rotation speed 0-15rpm, adjustable
6 Machine weight ≈390kg/ea
7 Voltage 380v/50hz/3phase
8 Dimension(LxWxH) 1100x1000x1350mm/ea

Big Size Softgel Tumbler Dryer With Dehumidifier

No. Parts Describe
1 Basket size φ1000*1000mm, diameter and length
2 Dimension/SET 2400*1380*1915mm
3 Cleanroom condition 22-24℃, humidity under 60%
4 Loading capacity 80-100kg, suggested: 80kg
5 Regenerative hot and humid air 200cubic meters/hour should be vent outer doors
6 Fan power 0.4KW*4=1.6Kw
7 Regenerative wind electric heating 9*0.8Kw=7.2Kw SSR(power consumption 50%)
8 Transmission power 1.5KW*2=3KW
9 Main fan power 0.37KW*2=0.74KW df-6
10 Dehumidification 1600 cubic meters/h Changes: 900 times/h
11 Dehumidification water 3kg/H
12 Power AC380V/50HZ/3phase, earth and neutral wire
13 Compressed air 4kp
14 Industrial chiller (user prepare) 3P/set needed




Quick Guidance for Purchasing Softgel Tumbler Dryer

Why does Softgel Drying Need?
Due to softgel encapsulation process, when the softgel fall off from the dies, it is soft and a little bit warm, cannot go to packing directly. It needs to solid down, becoming firm first. That’s why we need tumbler dryer. By using tumbler dryer, softgel rotates under the impact of blowing wind; quickly cool down. During the rotation process, it also keeps its designed shapes, will not file up into a mess to destroy the shape.
Besides rotation drying, users need drying trays to final dry softgel.

Shared by Youtuber ‘starchgel’

How Does Softgel Tumble Dryer Work?
Softgel tumble dryer works in an easy and simple way. When power on the basket rotates clock wisely, the soft capsule inside the basket rotates too; meanwhile driven by the built in guide plates to the next basket. During rotation, a fan installed at side/bottom of the basket blows to evaporate the water in the softgel shell continuously. The water in the inner layer of the shell and of the content gradually migrates to the surface of the softgel shell, under the action of osmotic pressure, and then evaporates. The softgel capsule gradually dries to the required quality.

Softgel Tumble Dryer Structure
The softgel tumbler dryer carries out the function of drying and discharge of softgel by forward and reversing rotation. In most cases, it consists of several baskets (usually an even number), and at least two baskets as a group. Each basket has a geared motor and an independent drying fan. Rotation speed is adjustable steplessly via inverter. The control system consists of PLC, human-machine interface and other control elements. The tumble dryer has manual and automatic operation modes.

Every basket has a plexiglass protective cover on top for checking and inspection. During the running of the tumble dryer, when the plexiglass cover opens, the joint basket stops running as a safety protection. The user can perform operations such as replacing the wiping cloth inside and taking sample softgel to check. When the cover closes again, the basket continues to run according to the current setting. Other useful gadgets such as electrostatic discharge devices, oil trays, alarming lights, and emergency stops. All of those make the tumbler dryer easy to use and safe to operate.

How Many Types of Tumbler Dryers to Choose?

Regular Inline Tumbler Dryer
Such type is the same as described above, which is the most commonly seen softgel tumbler dryer on market and used in softgel manufacturers. It is the cheapest among all other models. It uses together with drying trays to finish the softgel shaping and drying process. The quantity of such ranges from 2 sets to over dozens.

Double Deck Tumble Dryer 
This double deck/layer softgel tumbler dryers become popular about 5-6years ago. The main purpose of it is to save room space; because a lot of dryers need to finish softgel drying for continuous mass production factories. Especially for manufacturers who wants to use only tumbler dryer instead of drying trays, they need about 24-36 baskets for a production line. This requires a large cleanroom, giving great pressure and increasing cost in room design and utility efficiency. To use double deck, they scale down the land to about 50%.

Smart Softgel Dryer Combined With Dehumidifier
This smart all in one softgel tumbler dryer is an updated model based on the idea of double deck tumbler dryer. Compared with regular dryers, it has below characteristics: Advantages of the All-in-One Softgel Tumbler Dryer
1. With real-time drying data record, data is traceable.
2. Each rotating basket is independent, closed, and airflow self-circulated; dehumidifier for each basket, so the energy consuming is much reduced.
3. Reduce much energy and less time consuming; meanwhile save room space, air-conditioning cost.
4. Each basket’s temperature and humidity is of self-controlling. This shortens the drying process, saves the cost of drying trays as well as the labor to flipping trays. Result to a lower labor working strength.


Stand-Alone Basket Dryer-Independent& Movable
This is a special model tailor-made under specific requirement from our users. To cater for market which targets for a small group of people with certain interests, small batches but various types of softgel manufacturing becomes more and more popular. This tumbler dryer has a large basket which holds up to 80kgs per one. Each basket is a separated dryer with individual controlling and setting. Each basket is separated from another, not influence each other. User can either use baskets in a roll or just move one basket away to another room.
The softgel inlet hopper and outlet can be quickly assembled and disassembled without needing of special tools. They are convenient for random combination. Quite convenient to use. Only requires one worker.


How to calculate the quantity need for drying baskets?
Contact us for a quick calculating of how many drying baskets you need.