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Auto Gummy Counting Machine


Auto Gummy Counting Machine


JS auto gummy counting machine is to count and fill gummy candies into bottles, bags, sachets, jars, and other kinds of packages. It counts gummy piece by piece. Each counting channel is equipped with independent vibration to ensure accurate counting and reduce the influence of other counting channels. This gummy counter machine is a stand-alone model and is also compatible with an automatic packaging line, and OKAY to respond to the MES system.


Gummy Counting Machine Features

  • Not only suitable for just gummies but also applicable for solid objects such as tablets, pills, capsules, and special-shaped tablets. it is easy to switch between different objects and easy to adjust.
  • High accurate counting, using an independent optical detection system to ensure accuracy at a high counting speed.
  • Multi-stage vibrating feeding is adopted, and the speed of each stage can be adjusted independently so that the gummy moves faster in a more uniform and smoother manner.
  • The surface is made of 304 stainless steel and is non-toxic, chemically stable, food-grade, easy to clean, and has no dead ends.
  • There are photoelectric sensors for bottle lack and bottle blockage detection. It can effectively control the normal operation of the entire system, stop automatically when there is no bottle or bottle blockage, and run automatically after the alarm is cleared.
  • Simple operation, intelligent design, and various operating parameters can be set directly on the HMI according to needs.
  • Automatic fault diagnosis, comprehensive real-time monitoring, alarm, and display.



Vibration channel 12lane Each channel corresponds to a filling port
Capacity Max.6000 pills/min Speed changes upon the material property
Counting range 15~9999 pills  can be set
objects size Thickness δ: 3~10mm, Ø: 3~24mm, L: 3~36mm Pills, tablets, softgel, capsules, gummy, candy, and other solid particles
Bottle size H: 40~200mm, Ø: 30~80mm Customized according to customer needs
Compressed air 0.5-0.7Mpa
Air consumption ≈130L/Min Cleaning air
Power supply 1P 220V 50HZ
Power 1.1KW
Dimension ≈1400mm(L)*1700mm(W)*1750mm(H)
Weight 550KG

What advantages of JS gummy counting machine?
JS gummy counting machine is composed of four major systems: counting mechanism, gummy feeding mechanism, drop mechanism and material door structure


Using high-speed infrared dynamic electronic scanning technology, the number of gummies is accurate.
Each channel has an independent material door structure. When the counting and bagging are carried out at the same time, the material door separates the gummy from two different bottles, so that the lower part of the material door is bottled while the upper part continues to count the gummy continuously. Under the control of the high-speed microprocessor, without interfering with each other, the number of gummy candies is accurate and fast.

Can this gummy counter fill the gummy into a sachet bag instead of a bottle?
Yes, Joysun also has another model of gummy counting, filling, and bag forming machine that has the function of candy counting, filling, and sachet forming functions.

Add-ons Functions
1. Gummy loading system
The Z-shape gummy loader is suitable to feed the gummy continuously onto the counter hopper without stopping. Save labor material loading and save time. Reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency. The height and vibration feeding is customizable to fit gummy counters.


2. Debris detection and removal system
Detecting debris and rejecting it, or detecting bottles that are overfilled or less filled.