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Automatic Softgel Gelatin Color Mixer


Brief Introduction to Softgel Gelatin Color Mixer

Softgel Gelatin Color Mixer designs to mix pigment with gelatin mass, giving a homogenous color so that softgel or paintball looks more appealing. It is a very useful and handy device in softgel encapsulation production line. Suits the paintball coloring and softgel coloring process. With a mixing speed of 0-1400RPM, and variable speed control, the pigment can be evenly dispersed among gelatin mass.

Gelatin Coloring Machine/ Color Mixer Features

  1. the automatic color mixer’s coloring time can be set, then the coloring procedure carries out automatically upon pre-set value.
  2. The agitator position/depth stays in gelatin solution can be set; better it goes up/down automatically upon setting.
  3. coloring mixer automatic up/down upon setting
  4. data record, storage, print, and exchange with MES system, optional.
  5. coloring agitator with frequency controller to adjust the high shear speed easily, 0-1400RPM.
  6. Stainless Steel 304 covers the whole machine, nicely polished inside and outside; GMP compliance.
  7. the height of the coloring machine matches 200L and 300L gelatin service tank; Pull tanks under the color mixer, and move away after done coloring.
  8. Simple design, easy operation, easy cleaning, and less maintenance.

How many types of gelatin coloring machines JS have?

We have several types of gelatin color mixers to meet various needs and budgets.

There is easy simple and cheap one for small-batch gelatin coloring;

Fully automatic PLC model of log record and time setting, up/down journey setting and etc. Fully automatic Touch screen and PLC control gelatin coloring machine by which, the coloring time can set, coloring head position can set, no matter what’s the gelatin tank size.

Mass production gelatin coloring machine of 7.5kW with button and switch control cabinet;

13Kw Heavy-duty coloring machine or paintball production. Joysun is capable of making customized machines. Welcome to contact us for specific detail.


Gelatin Coloring Machine Parameter Table