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Desiccant Insertion Machine


Desiccant Insertion Machine

JSDI-200 desiccant insertion machine is automatically cut and stuffs the whole roll of bagged desiccant. A perfect automatic program controls the insertion of the desiccant.

This machine is mainly used in medicine, the chemical industry, food, and other industries. With desiccants in the bottle protect objects from getting humidity during transportation and storage. The desiccant insertion machine avoids unnecessary pollution caused by manual work.

Desiccant Insertion Machine Feature

  • The operation is simple and convenient, the user can freely set the packing speed and choose bottles; the switching between different bottles is easy;
  • Flexible application, with automatic bottle separation function, this machine can use as an independent item; or combine into a packing line;
  • The cutter is controlled by a cylinder, the blade is durable and not easy to wear, and the cutting action is neat and clean;
  • PLC control, Chinese and English HMI, can store ten sets of data, easy to adjust;
  • The stepping motor feeds the desiccant at a stable speed. the optical sensor detects the position of desiccants, and efficiency work.
  • Optional data storage and read management is available.


Model JSDI-200
Capacity 40~70BPM
Applicable bottle size Ø30-70mm
Applicable desiccant size 10-30mm(W)20-50mm(L)
Dimensions 1400x500x1550mm
Weight 190Kg
Power 350W
Power supply 1P 220V/50~60Hz