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Starch Mogul Trays| Molding Trays


Starch Mogul Trays| Molding Trays


Strong and heavy-duty starch mogul tray for molding the gummy shape, it is a necessary plastic trays used in gummy candy manufacturing line. The molding tray specially designed and manufactured to holding corn starch power with a matte surface.
One stainless steel supporter/cart can load 80trays, 40trays per side.


  • Strong and heavy built
  • Matte surface for powder
  • Plastic fiber, special craftsmanship


Starch Mogul Trays Parameter

Size 820*400*54mm
Net Weight 3.6~3.7kg
Base The number of plates stacked according to customer requirements, up to 40 in a stack, within 2.2 meters