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Softgel Capsule Counting Filling Machine


Softgel Capsule Counting Filling Machine

GS series softgel capsule counting filling machine is manufactured with high-response PLC and advanced photoelectric detection technology. It is widely used in the counting and filling in pharmaceutical, health care products, food, and other industries; suitable for softgel, tablets, pills and capsules, candies, etc. This machine can be used as an independent machine, and can also be a part of a complete bottling packing line with other equipment.

Softgel Capsule Counting Filling Machine Characteristics

  • The same counting machine is suitable for different capsule specifications and sizes. It is easy to switch between different specifications and easy to adjust;
  • Accurate counting, using an independent optical detection system to ensure high-level counting accuracy and speed;
  • Using multiple vibration feeding, independently adjustable. The softgel capsule conveys a more smooth, with no clog.
  • The capsule counter is equipped with photo electricity detection for lack of bottle and blocked bottle, which can effectively control the normal operation of the whole system. The capsule counting machine will automatic shutdown when no bottle or blocked bottle, and automatic operation after reset;
  • Simple operation, intelligent design, and various operating parameters can be set directly on the human-machine interface
  • Automatic fault diagnosis, real-time monitoring, alarm, and display;
  • With the function of parameter storage, no need to debug when replacing the product, and the originally stored parameters can be directly recalled.


Model GS-8 GS-12 GS-16
Vibration channel 8line 12line 16line
Capacity MAX. 4000pcs/min MAX. 6000pcs/min MAX. 8000pcs/min
Count range 15- 9999grain
Capsule size δ=3-10mm; Ø3-16mm; L=5-21mm
Bottle size H=40-200mm; Ø30-80mm
Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Air consumption 130L/Min 130L/Min 260L/Min
Power supply 1P 220V 110V 50HZ 60HZ
Power 1.1KW 1.3KW 1.6KW
Weight 350KG 500KG 550KG