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Automatic Bottle Unscrambler


Automatic Bottle Unscrambler

LP bottle unscrambler is an electromechanical-integrated device, consisting of a bottle lifting device and a bottle sorting device. It can automatically organize the messy plastic round bottles and square bottles into a consistent line. Make sure all bottles mouth upward facing, saving a lot of labor costs to put the bottles.
It has fast speed, stable operation, no bottle clogging, no damage to the bottles, the high qualified rate of bottle unscrambling.
Easy and convenient replacement of spare parts,
The operation of the equipment is simple; the unscrambler is easy to clean and has no dead ends. The automatic lifting bin is installed to reduce the labor intensity of frequent bottle loading. Products meet the requirements of GMP specifications.

LP Bottle Unscramble Features

  • This machine is an electromechanical-integrated device, which is easy to operate, simple to maintain, and runs smoothly.
  • The speed of the unscrambler tray can be adjusted steplessly to ensure that it is synchronized with the same speed of the softgel capsule filling machine
  • Unique bottle-turning mechanism, no need to blow the bottle with the air source, fast bottle-arranging speed and low noise;
  • The parts in contact with the bottle are made of nylon to ensure no damage to the bottle;
  • The discharge port is automatically controlled to start and stop the bottle unscrambler to avoid bottle accumulation and extrusion deformation;
  • Built-in lifting feeder, reduces the labor intensity of workers;
  • Stainless steel 304 material, which meets GMP requirements;
  • The plexiglass protective cover on the top of the machine ensures the safety of the operator.


Model LP-100X LP-200X LP-500X
Applicable Bottle Size 10-100ml 20-200ml 50-500ml
Capacity MAX. 80BPM MAX. 120BPM MAX. 150BPM
Weight 200kg 250kg 300kg
Power 500w 500w 800w
Power supply 1P 220V/110V/ 50-60Hz
Dimensions 1500*850* 1200mm 1650*900* 1200mm 2100*1000*1100mm