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Softgel Capsule Printer


Brief Introduction to Softgel Capsule Printer

Joysun softgel capsule printer designs to print patterns or letters on the surface of the sofgel, hard capsule, tablet, and pills, making your product stand out and distinguished. The softgel capsule printing machine is a high efficient, stable and consistent, with and low failure rate, and easy to use. The printing machine’s work principle is to use mold printing where a hard mold with engraved patterns or letters.

When the softgel or pills run through the mold, printing ink will dab the capsule surface quickly like a stamp to print on the engraved information. The ink we use is food grade. This mold printer is a relatively easy one with certain limits such as preferring one color printing. It cannot print too many letters or too complicated patterns. The ink should be food-grade, and edible.


Softgel Capsule Printer Parameter


How to Use the Softgel Capsule Printer

Softgel Capsule Printer Operation Process


  • Choose the right printing disk to fit softgel, capsule, tablet or pill l shape and size.
  • Install softgel feeder, blower and etc.
  • Turn on compress air to reach 3~4㎏∕cm3
  • Install printing wheel
  • Install upper and lower rubber wheel
  • Install ink-apply wheel
  • Install the ink tray, pour an appropriate amount of ink into the ink tray, and then inject an appropriate amount of absolute ethanol, stir and mix, put the ink tray on the ink tray pillar, and then fix it.
  • Install the squeegee, then start the machine, drive the ink transfer wheel, and then use the pressure reducing valve to control the squeegee pressure to adjust the squeegee pressure to make it clean.
  • Put a small amount of softgel to be printed in the feeding tray, and then start the machine to adjust the pressure of the rubber wheel to achieve the best printing effect.
  • Pour the softgel to be printed into the feeding tray, then hit the air nozzle, adjust the amount of air, and start the machine to make it run normally.
  • Frequently check the printing quality of the printed softgel and the degree of ink usage, continuously add softgel, and regularly add ink and solvent to the ink pan.
  • Rotate the inverter panel to adjust the running speed of the machine, but it must be adjusted during operation.
  • The best operating process conditions for softgel printing machine are room temperature 16~26℃, relative humidity 60~70%.