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Gelaitn Service Tank


Gelatin and Medicine Service Tank

Brief introduction

Gelatin& Medicine Service Tank designs to hold/store gelatin solution or medicine liquid before the material transfer onto softgel encapsulation machines. It is an essential device for most pharmacy factories. Especially the gelatin service tank, when gelatin mass in this tank, the small bubble/air will keep on breaking during the standstill heating hours. This natural but slow de-aeration cuts down the phenomena of softgel capsules with bubbles inside.


 Service Tank Sizes& Technical Parameter

Geometric Size 100L 150L 200L 250L 300L
Electric Heater 2KW/220V/110V 3KW/220V/110V
Design Pressure 0-0.1MPa; 0-0.2MPa; as options
Material 304/316L as options
Jacket Design Hot Water Jacket/Oil Jacket as options
Fittings Electric heater; Discharge valve; Temperature sensor; Drain valve; Temperature controller; Pressure valve; Safety valve; Sight glass; Tools
N.W. (kg) 80 95 120 140 165
Size (mm) Φ600*1000 Φ650*1170 Φ700*1300 Φ750*1350 Φ815*1350
Package Seaworthy wood case


Quick Guidance for Purchasing Gelatin Melting Tank


What are gelatin service tank structures and major parts? 
We know that gelatin service tank is necessary in softgel manufacturing in most cases. It is to store melted gelatin mass during encapsulation. The gelatin solution stays at a stable temperature to ensure good fluidity. Service tanks compose of mechanical and electrical parts; the main items list as below:

Heating Jacket: The gelatin service tank is a jacketed structure where the user can fill water inside the jacket. Heating up the jacket to keep gelatin mass at a stable temperature. Gelatin needs a temperature of 60℃ to keep good fluidity.

Insulation layer: For the safety of operators, an insulation layer can protect workers from scalding during operation. By stuffing polyurethane/PU material in the insulation layer, it will be safer to use.

Upper discharge: gelatin service tank usually adopts upper side discharge to avoid generating more bubbles during material transfer. On the top, there is a Y-shape connector to pipe tanks to the softgel machine gel hopper.

Fittings on the tank lid.
Pressure gauge: the gelatin tank holds air pressure during material transfer; the pressure gauge is to show inside tank pressure for safety reasons.

Safety valve: the safety valve at a value of 0.08mpa, in case of over-pressure inside the tank, the safety valve will release the pressure inside the service tank. Also two ball valves on the tank lid to control the compressed air in and out of the tank.


Pinch clamp: special made pinch clamp of 304 SUS material; full welding, very strong to hold tank tight, creating an airtight environment.

Sight glass: via it to check the gelatin solution inside the tank. Led battery-charged light is optional to install on the sight glass for better view.

Electric control: improved electric cabinet welded onto the tank, well protect electric components during service tanks cleaning.

Power: 220V/ 110V, single-phase as optional, to match user local need. Tank height: we control the overall gelatin storage tank height within 1200mm for easy push around underneath the working platform. Also at this height, it is easy for workers to take away the tank lid. It’s all about user-friended design.

What kinds of gelatin service tanks are available? 
Service tanks are more or less the same, but we can still define them in different ways.
Size difference: most gel service tanks for mass softgel manufacturing is 200-300Litres. For lab size, can be 50-100L. Some users choose to have a 500Liters tank size which is ok to customize. We provide 50-500L gelatin tanks. They are similar in appearance and usage. Service tanks for gelatin and for veggie raw material can be different in pressure holding, and heating temperature too.

What is to consider when purchasing gelatin service tanks? 
As a gelatin storage tank supplier, we need to know the user’s raw material either animal gelatin or vegetable raw material like starchgel, tapioca, or carrageenan solution. Then we’d be able to suggest the most suitable models to buyers.