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Pectin Gelatin Starch Gummy Suitable Candy Machine

Softgel Encapsulation Machine Manufacturer and Gummy Line Supplier

Joysun Mech-Tech Provides variable sales options aftersales service for different buyers.


Softgel Manufacturing
System Design

We can design a new project upon detailed user’s requirement URS, upon the room blueprint. Based on our years of softgel encapsulation machines manufacturing and commissioning experience on different projects, we are able to provide buyers with suitable solutions. Except the feasibility of a plant project, we are able to perfect the workflow, so as to reducing labor strength, cutting down energy consumption. Add more automation operation and control.


Gummy Candy Troubleshooting& Consultation

We are happy to provide opinions, suggestions and advice to clients even you are not using our gummy candy depositors. As long as users are willing to share us with their production issues/problems. We’d glad to discuss with them to solve it. With years in softgel production and good relationship with softgel manufacturers, we are able to provide valuable information. Feel free to contact for such help.


Seamless Softgel
Independent Machines

Besides supplying production line and whole projects, buyer can get independent seamless softgel machines from us. We can sell only softgel machine, tumbler dryer, die rolls, tanks and trays to replace user’s current ones. Or to enlarge buyer’s present production need. Machine renovation, fix and auxiliary equipment support is available with us.        

We offer complete line related to softgel manufacturing equipment, including softgel encapsulation machine, tumbler dryer, gelatin melting tank, service tanks, medicine tanks, drying trays, inspection table and etc.


Starch mogul depositing line, drying system, complete kitchen system, dust collection oiling system and drying system for gelatin and pectin. 

Quick Pricing for Softgel Machines. Direct Offer Gummy Depositing Machine.

Compare With European Machines, Ours Have Below Advantages.

Short Lead Time

Save buyers twice time, most machines take less than one month to finish. A complete turnkey project value of over a million RMB takes less than two months to arrange shipment. Even special customized equipment takes less time to confirm.

Cost Saving

Save buyers twice, triple, or even higher cost when compared with European machines. Some European machines do better than ours. But think of the price saved.

Spare parts in stock and cost effective

A steady stock of spare parts ready to dispatch for frequent parts replacement. Even special parts, our lead times much shorter.

Quick Response

We can quickly respond to user’s questions via email, online chat, or voice call. We will establish a chat group to solve the user’s problem. The result is almost the same as ‘onsite’; An optional especially suitable under Covid-19 situation.

Customer Acknowledgment.

With years of experience exporting, our machines are widely accepted by Asian users, American buyers, European purchasers. Necessary certificates, documents are available to meet the buying needs.

Renovation and improvement.

With the development and improvement of design, crafting, machining tool, our machines are reliable and stable to use. More and more clients tend to trust us.