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Starch Mogul Manufacturing Line


Starch Mogul Manufacturing Line

Starch Mogul

The starch mogul system is to make gummy via starch as molding which is a method widely accepted by nutrients factories to make nutraceutical gummies.

JS starch mogul line is an advanced and fully automatic production line, consisting of a Kitchen system, depositing system, starch, conditioning, collection and recycling system, finishing system, drying system, and auxiliary equipment. We use good food-grade 304 stainless steel to make the candy machine. We provide gummy candy machinery as well as technical support during manufacturing.

Our starch mogul is a fully automatic operation with one button after the parameter and recipe set.
By automatic working mode, keep recipe confidential, less contamination of product, less labor strength, better and safer working environment.

Remote Controlling Module

To ease the onsite work, we provide a remote-controlling module on the machine. So that production data can be monitored and analyzed remotely during installation and commissioning and debugging.


Big Production Capacity, Lower Energy Consumption

Optional Capacity: 1000~2500 kg/hour and 22~32 trays/min

Average Speed: 1000~1900 kg/hour and 15~25 trays/min

Better heating and drying: 360° warm-keeping, no dead angle, greatly, reducing tailing defects and shortening drying time

Tanks: jackets and insulated layers to save energy

Pipeline: automatically remove residue, new generation starch conditioning systems optimizes air supply and circulation.


What is Starch Mogul? 

A starch mogul is the machine that makes shaped candies or gummy centers from syrups or gelatin, pectin such as gummy candy which has been invented around 1899. It has been a quite mature machine till now. The gummy candies are made by filling a tray with cornstarch, molding the desired shape into the starch, and then pouring the filling (mainly gelatin, and pectin) into the holes made by the mold. When the gummies are pre-cooled and shaped, they are removed from the trays and the starch is recycled.


Starch mogul working principles

The starch mogul system uses a machine with trays of starch. Each tray has a mold (which can be designed into many shapes) firmly pushed down in starch, creating cavities in the starch. Then the filling material to make gummy fill into those cavities; the filling solution cools down and hardens as necessary. During this time, the starch helps absorb excess water, making the gummy moldings handleable. Finally, the trays are dumped and the candy is separated from the starch, which is then reused again for the next batch.


Starch moguls require less labor in candy factories. All of the steps are performed by the machine, workers only supervise the machine and interfere when necessary. Starch moguls improve safety for workers. Starch rooms in the old times tends to have dangerously high levels of starch in the air which might cause respiratory illnesses for workers; besides the high content of starch powder in the air create a combustible environment. Now with starch mogul machines significantly reduce those risks.

We keep improving our starch mogul with the purpose of reliability and simplicity in mind. The more advanced the machine system is; the more opportunities our clients have to meet the need of growing markets.

How to manufacture gummies via starch mogul?

The main ingredients for gummy are gelatin, pectin, glucose, sugar, and other additives. We can split manufacturing gummies into several major steps.

1# Melting gelatin/pectin and other ingredients into syrup for use.

2# Deliver the prepared filling solutions to the fully automatic weighing and dissolving system which is controlled via touch screen and PLC.

3# After weighing and melting, the material is conveyed to the automatic cooking system and then heated to the required temperatures. Under vacuum, the material gets concentrated to the right brix.

5# Cooked sugar liquid goes through automatic coloring, flavor adjusting, acid dosing, and then waits for depositing.

6# Loading starch mogul with the material in the hopper automatically, depositing into the starch cavities, full machine working automatically.

7# Send to Drying.

8# Back to starch mogul to clean the starch, coating by oil or sugar.

9# Ready for the package.