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Softgel Pulverizer


Brief Introduction to Softgel Pulverizer 

Softgel Pulverizer is an auxiliary device in softgel manufacturing to recycle misshaped or unqualified softgel. It integrates the technology of grinding and centrifugal to cut off softgel meanwhile separate oil from softgel shell; discharge them separated from 2 chutes. With this softgel grinder, users can save as much as 90% on filling medicine during the testing and trial stage. It is a good choice for softgel factories that have just started the softgel manufacturing. The beginner during encapsulation probably makes off-specification softgel which is a great loss.

Softgel Grinder Characteristics

Softgel grinder has characteristics such as a compact structure, reliable performance, high efficiency, and a high recycling rate. The whole softgel grinder is deliberately manufactured with fine stainless steel. Good appearance, smooth and bright surface, easy to clean. It is the desired machine to complete the softgel production line which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is a quite easy machine. Pressing one button, on/off, the machine will work continuously to the end. The cleaning and maintenance are simple too.


Softgel Grinder Technical Parameter


What to Consider When Purchasing a Softgel Pulverizer

How does Softgel Pulverizer Work

  • Feeding softgel onto the hopper, gradually open the horizontal baffle to let softgel falls down continuously, falling down onto cutter (tailor-made only for softgel capsule);
  • Press the ‘ON’ button, the machine starts to work. Press the ‘OFF’ button, and the machine stops. That’s it. Quite easy to use.
  • During grinding, the shattered gelatin shell comes out from the upper discharge chute; meanwhile the filling liquid down off from the lower chute. The centrifugal force separates shell and liquid. The hole punched basket inside works as a filter to only let liquid out. Automatic separation and discharge save labor. The softgel pulverizer is easy to clean, and operate, and almost no maintenance is needed. Therefore a simple compact structure.

Things matter to buying the machine
♣ pay attention to your soft gel capsule size, too big or too small diameter; we need to customize a special cutter.
♣ filling material inside soft capsules can be liquid oil, the paste of oil/powder mixture. Different material properties result in various recycling rates.
♣ buyers can send material to test before ordering, just to make sure of the feasibility of the grinding machine.

Softgel Recycling Testing Data
Softgel type: oil and powder mixed suspension
Experimental softgel weight: 4.5 kg
Softgel Size: Diameter 10mm
Shell Weight: 2.26 kg
Filling Medicine: 1.98 kg
Recycle Rate: ≈90%; for oil softgel, it reaches 95%
Process time: 20minutes for 15KG suspension soft gel (depends on softgel variety)