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Paintball Making Machine


JS Paintball Machine Characteristics

  1. Touch screen operation panel; PLC automatically adjusts the filling amount of the medicine once the user sets the filling quantity. The filling accuracy is high, less than or equal to ± 1.5%, greatly reducing the loss of raw materials.
  2. Micro-lubricating system (reducing paraffin oil consumption and saving costs), the lubricating oil quantity is automatically adjusted according to paintball encapsulation speed.
  3. Low noise design, no noise increase during maximum and minimum speed operation. Improve working conditions.
  4. The cooling drum adopts separate frequency control. If the gelatin solution spreading is not good during production, regulating cooling drum temperature and rolling speed to solve this problem.
  5. The whole paintball machine manufactures with fine quality 304 stainless steel material; transmission parts are of high wear resistance; Paintball mold speed from 0-5rpm, adjusted from touch screen by change value. Using the Swiss CNC machine to cut off crucial parts on the paintball machine; Imported bearings install to reduce the equipment wear rate, so as to ensure long and stable service life.


Model JSP-4 JSP-10
Output per hour ≈10,000 ≈50,000
Die Roll Ф80x100mm Φ150*250
Single plunger/ml 2ml
Die roll speed 0-5rpm, speed adjustable
Total power 5KW 16KW
External dimension mm 2050×1000×1850 2200×1200×2050
Gross Weight 600kg 1600kg


Quick Guidance for Purchasing Paintball Making Machine

How to manufacture paintball?
The technology and process to manufacture paintball is quite similar to that of softgel production; please refer to another blog ‘softgel manufacturing process’.

Paintball Manufacturing Process
The first step in making paintball is to have a suitable formula to make a paintball shell. It’s crucial to have the right recipe for each material. The main ingredients are gelatin, water, mineral oil, glycerin, and sorbitol. The variety of formulation decides differently types of paintballs. We can make balls of only one color, two colors, and pattern printed paintballs. There are field degree and game degree paintballs.


We can prepare filling liquid while getting gelatin solution ready. The filling material main ingredients are starch powder, bean oil, coloring agent, polysorbate and etc., Both the gelatin shell and filling material should be melted and mixed to a very smooth and shining liquid. All ingredients should be food degree because sometimes paintball will be shot in the player’s mouth. The filling material inside paintball needs to be water-soluble to facilitate clothes washing, and biodegradable because paintballs that are left outdoors need to be naturally degraded without polluting the environment.


Paintball Drying

Paintball is still soft like gummy bear and with a lot of moisture dripping down from the encapsulation machine. The balls must be cooled and dried via tumbler drying baskets. This process of time can basically get rid of 50% moisture from paintball. The rotation action of the tumbler dryer makes paintball spin around inside the baskets. So when they come out of the tumble dryer, they become dry and round. But still not fully dried, there is still extra moisture inside the paintball that needs to be got rid of. So finally we put paintballs on the drying trays again to dry in a natural way. Place paintballs on racks of trays, controlling the room temperature and humidity to remove the last remaining moisture.


Paintball Inspection

Before packing, there is a series of inspection, checking and quality control to do. Paintball hardness should be checked; we need to make sure it is as robust as enough to fill into the cartridge of air gun. And we also need to ensure the paintball can blast from a certain distance under the air gun impact, and it should happen at the right time, not rupture before touching anything.

Shape and size is another thing to be tested by naked eyes or by machines. Make sure paintball is round and has consistent size. We pick them from different layers of drying trays like top, mid, and bottoms and check them randomly, then we get a conclusion.

Paintball Encapsulation Room Condition Control

Medicine preparation: regular cleanroom environment
Gelatin Preparation: regular cleanroom environment
Paintball Encapsulation room: 18-22℃,35~45% RH
Drying room: 20-24℃, 20~25% RH
Polishing room: 20-24℃,20~25% RH
Inspection room: 20-24℃,35~45% RH
Packing room: 20-24℃,20~25% RH
Storage room: 20-24℃,20~25% RH

Paintball Recycling