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Softgel Air Blower


Softgel Air Blower

Softgel Transfer Introduction

Joysun manufactures softgel air blowers to transfer softgel from encapsulation machine to tumbler dryers. We’d be able to calculate how big motor should be at blow certain amount of softgel. The design of air blower is tricky. The power cannot be too big or small. Bigger will crash softgel while small power is not strong enough. JS softgel air blower has two types. One is direct fan blower to via one hose. Another type has a softgel distributor which separate softgel capsule into two routes and go to double decker or triple decker tumbler dryers. We will consider distance, height difference, and softgel weight into consideration.

The softgel air blower can be controlled from softgel encapsulation machine operation panel or separated out with own controlling switches.

Softgel Conveying Features

  • Full 304 stainless steel case
  • Nicely punched holes for vent, no overheat
  • On/off control
  • Fan flow is adjustable
  • Simple but strong and nice
  • Height is customizable for different conveyor outlet
  • Transfer softgel to tumbler dryer of double layer and triple decker and etc


Softgel Air Blower Parameter

Voltage 415V/50Hz/3phase,
Power 1.1kW
Height ≥1.8meters
Distance ≈2.5meters
Transfer amount 75,000 pcs (10#OV oil softgel)
Including 4 meters hose
Conveyor height 660mm