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Seamless Capsule Raw Material


Veggie Powder Raw Material for Seamless Capsule as Cigarette beads

Seamless Capsule Raw Material Introduction:

Cigarette beads shell raw material is made from natural linear polymer materials extracted from marine plants. It is with high product stability can be widely used as a plant-based capsule shell material

Standard: GB 26687-2011

Application: Cigarette beads, seamless softgel capsules

Raw Material Features:

  1. Naturally extracted from marine plants, safe and healthy to use;
  2. Power property is inert and not easy to react with the filling material inside seamless capsule.
  3. Water content is low, better to coexist with seamless softgel filling material.
  4. Less diffusion of filling material inside.
  5. longer shelf life and less requirement on storage condition.

1. Water heat up to 75-80℃and then add powder gradually while stirring to help the mixing and melting process.  (cannot add powder into cold water)
2. Mixing and melting till all powder dissolved well, keep the mass for about 10-15minutes or longer  (as deaeration, no stirring this step); temperature keeps at 75-80℃. Checking solution when there is no bubble inside means ready to use.

The suggested dosage is 4-5%, adjust formula upon specific filling material in seamless capsule.