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Movable Gelatin Melting Station


Movable Gelatin Melting Station

The movable gelatin melting station speeds up the interchange time for different batches of gelatin melting. With one working station and multiple gelatin tanks, one tank goes after another. This movable gelatin melting station is an all-in-one compact designed soft gelatin melting system; combines a gelatine tank, up/down tank lid, heating system, temperature control, vacuum system, and lifting system function into one.

Quite a number of softgel manufacturers are doing OEM softgel, they need to do many types of soft gel capsules of small batches. Therefore, the big size gelatin melters like 600L, 800L, 1000L are too big for them to use. To cater to such usage needs, we modify on the medium size gelatin melting tank best suitable for 200-300L gelatin per batch.

Gelatin Melting Station Structure and Features


1. There are motor and reducer to drive the mixing agitator.
2. Gelatin tank with castors, movable in a cleanroom to be used alternatively
3. with another same size tank, to speed up tank change time, hence to improve production efficiency.
4. The tank can be pulled away, can also an easy clean of the agitator installed.
5. Up/down system of tank lid save labor strength handling the melting tank, even a lady worker can do this job.
6. The lifting system with a position limit switches which can sense the height of the agitator, so that the mixer will not touch the bottom of the tank, make damage to the tank itself. And the lid will not lift up too high.
7. Electric cabinet and operation panels are installed together, so the worker is easy to use the machine.
8. Built-in vacuum pump and vacuum piping. users no need to purchase and connect a vacuum pump from outside.


Gelatin Solution Melter Parameter