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All in One Gelatin Melter with Vacuum System


All in One Gelatin Melter with Vacuum System

All in one gelatin melter with vacuum system is very suitable for small-batch gelatin melting, matching small capacity softgel encapsulation machine. It has a vacuum system underneath the melting pot. Utilize vertical space to reduce room space. It only requires about 1000*800mm room areas while controlling the melting tank overall height within the user-friendly range. For such design, we suggest size ranging from 50-150L.

All in One Gelatin Melter Structure

1. A vacuum system and its pipes, valves fixed right underneath this small gelatin melting pot, no occupy extra room space.
2. Electric cabinet and operation panels are right near to the melting pot body, very easy to reach and control it.
3. Four castors, two is universal, two is with brake. This allows the gelatin tank easy to move while steadily hold on to the floor when stops. Furthermore, the tank can be moved around without disturbing other devices in the room and the gelatin melting process can be done at any place.
4. Pneumatic or electric up/down system on the tank lid makes the tank lid easy to open and close. It is quite often to do so during working.
5. The motor on top to drive the agitator together with speed control. We strongly suggest the buyers have this frequency control. As a result, to prolong tank life service and more stable during gelatin mixing.
6. Temperature sensor installed in both jacket and inner barrel to detect jacket hot water
temperature and gelatin melting point temperature(usually 70℃ required finally). It’s better than just having one set of thermal sensors.



1. This is a new design for the small-batch gel melting unit. The tank part has been tested with Rousselot animal gel. The vacuum and buffer tank is compacted to make it a unit. The whole unit is on a trolley with castors. For easy checking the de-foaming process, we mount an LED (using battery, no wiring, and good look) on one of the sight glass.
2. With electric heating, insulation layer, stirrer, sight glass, negative and positive pressure design, temperature gauge, vacuum pump.
3. It is useful for a small production or R&D purpose. After melting, it can be connected to the encapsulation machine to convey a melted gelatin solution.


Item Data Item Data
N.W. 50kg Light Led light
Size 1000*640*1250mm Material SUS304+glass
Have Led light for upper and lower parts;

Upper: 18W, with on/off switch

Lower: 40W, with on/off switch and dimmer