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Tapioca Starch Melting Tank


Tapioca Starch Melting Tank

Joysun promotes its tapioca starch melting tank to meet the need for vegetable softgel manufacturing. The tapioca starch gelatin tank is improved upon the conventional gelatin melting tank to produce animal softgel capsules. The combined set is quite popular including tapioca starch tank, vacuum system, heating system, piping, and valves. We make it into a modular set to save users’ time and energy in installation, piping and engineering.

The tapioca gelatin melting tank is suitable for all kinds of veggie raw material like starchgel, carrageenan powder and other brands powders.


  • Double jacketed heating tank;
  • Built-in electric heaters with PID temperature controlling;
  • Thick and strong cladding of heat preservation function to reduce heat loss, meanwhile protection for operators’ safety.
  • Strongly made stirrer withhold the big torsion from veggie raw material during mixing and melting. The tank adopts anchor mixing assembly, with compact structure, stable and strong shaft transmission. The agitator assembly is stable and has a good connection.
  • Enlarged heating powder to speed up melting process; so the tapioca melted quickly.
  • Good vacuum performance -0.095mpa.
  • Gelatin tank fully meets the requirements of the GMP standard. It is ideal equipment for veggie softgel manufacturing.

With the improvement and trial production of softgel manufacturers, the success rate for vegetable softgel rises much. There is currently tapioca starch powder, carrageenan powder and other compound recipes to do this. So to design a melting tank for vegetable halal softgel using, Joysun can always design and customize tanks(内链) for such purposes.


Name Parameter value Name Parameter value
work pressure -0.09~0.08Mpa Power Supply 380V/50Hz/3P
Work temp 0-130℃ Heat power 12KW×2
Mixing motor 7.5KW Mixing speed 0~41r/min
volume 600L Contact material 316L