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Seamless Softgel Machine| Making Cigarette Ball


Seamless Softgel Machine| Making Cigarette Ball

Cigarette Ball Machine Description

SSM series seamless softgel machine is a drop-type encapsulating equipment; it is composed of a filling liquid supplying system, shell liquid supplying system, pulse cutting, coolant circulation, and cooling system. The filling material is insoluble in water-oily substances (such as cod liver oil, vitamins A D E K, and traditional Chinese medicine), vegetable oils, essences, nutrients, etc.




Filling material type Oily
Pellet diameter Ø2~Ø8mm
Production capacity 15-25 capsules/second
Loading difference ±2%
Shell tank size 10Lx2
Filling Liquid tank size 5Lx2
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Power 12kW
Dimensions 1200*520*1800mm
Paraffin oil temperature Paraffin oil is light paraffin oil with 10% vegetable oil
Weight ≈260kg

How to Make Seamless Softgel

What is seamless softgel?   

Seamless softgels are a type of soft gelatin capsule used to deliver pharmaceutical or dietary supplement products. They are created using advanced capsule-filling technology that eliminates the physical welding line seen in traditional softgels. This makes the capsules appear seamless and provides improved filling capacity and increased stability.

What is cigarette ball/ cigarette bead?  

The cigarette ball is a type of flavored capsule that is embedded in some cigarette filters. The capsule is filled with a liquid that bursts when crushed, releasing the flavor into the cigarette smoke. This type of customization is often marketed as a way for smokers to change the taste and strength of their cigarettes. However, it’s important to note that smoking in any form is harmful to health.


How to make cigarette ball/seamless softgel

Cigarette balls or capsules are typically made using encapsulation technology. Here is a general overview of the process:

Prepare the filling: The liquid flavoring or other active ingredient is prepared separately and loaded into a filling machine.

Encapsulation: The seamless softgel machine creates small gelatin capsules that are typically around 2-4 mm in diameter.

Filling the seamless softgel: The liquid filling is injected into the capsules as they move through the machine.

Cooling the seamless capsules: They should be cooled down to maintain their shape and size to improve stability. So it is suitable for packing.

For cigarette balls, the user adds the capsules to the cigar filter or cigarette butt.

Here is a seamless softgel machine video to make cigarette balls.