Automatic Softgel Gelatin Melting V.S. Manual Gelatin Melter

Automatic Softgel Gelatin Melting V.S. Manual Gelatin Melter

Joysun Mech-Tech is a superior supplier and manufacturer for softgel encapsulation machine. We not only offer softgel manufacturing equipment but also full technical support in softgel production. Our machines include softgel machine, tumble dryer, gelatin melting tank, medication tank, transfer tank, coloring machine, drying trays, softgel tooling.

We present our most updated auto gelatin meting system and online medicine transfer system. This new solution can realize automatic raw material feeding, on-line weighing, automatic de-foaming; production data recording and mass storage; equipment real-time status report; equipment failure real-time monitoring. We try to replace manual operation steps with automatic procedures as much as possible. A ‘One-for-All’ programmed system is ready to suit 95% softgel manufacturing recipes for softgel factories.

The automatic gelatin melting system includes:
Gelatin melter
Controlling cabinet
Operation panel and display
Vacuum system
Hot water system
Air system
Sensors, valves, pumps, gauges

Automatic gelatin melter system PID overview:
Raw material auto loading with online measurement
Heating& stirring& vacuum programmed into steps one by one to activate automatically
Auto water refill
Constant temperature regulation
Gelatin auto de-aeration
One button cleaning in place, CIP system

Automatic Gelatin Melting System Features
Online weighing, auto de-aeration, online cleaning, electronic records,
Online delivery, saving labor
High intelligence
User-friendly interface
Improve efficiency

Process standardization
Joysun ’One-for-All’ programmed system standardizes the production processes according to different raw materials and varieties. This means one controlling program can be used for almost all recipes that relate to softgel manufacturing. We make a criterion for the production process, ensure the uniformity of the dynamic quality of the viscosity of each batch, and ensure a stable quality level. The adoption of automatic gelatin melting system simplifies the operation process, meanwhile ensures the reliability of equipment, and greatly enhances production efficiency.

Joysun auxiliary softgel manufacturing supportive equipment can be well used together with other brands of softgel encapsulators. The brands are like Italy Pharmagel, Canada TECHNOPHARM, Korea, BaoChang, Changsung, and SKY. We focus on improving softgel production, that’s why we are professional and experienced.

Document Available for the softgel machines
Main manufacturing material certificates
FAT protocol, IQ/OQ/PQ/SAT
Equipment drawing
PID workflow design
Layout and installation guide
Tank operation manual, sop, maintenance and cleaning paperwork
Packing list


ProjectManual Gelatin MeltingAuto Gelatin Melting System
RecipesNoStore or recall process recipes
WeighingA manual weighing, heavy workloadOnline weighing, automatic recording
HeatingManual control, unresponsive temperature controlAuto- control proportional valve, precise temperature control
De-aerationManual observation of de-foaming, time-consuming and laborious, easy to cause vacuum pipe cloggingAuto vacuum de-aeration, safe and reliable, high efficiency
Standing byManual temperature controlAuto- control proportional valve, precise temperature control
Dischargematerial discharge manually, can’t be very preciseAutomatic and controlled material discharge
Machine runningneed transfer service tank cost highOnline delivery to avoid cross-contamination
CleaningManually clean tank, time-consuming and laborious, can’t ensure a clean resultAuto online cleaning, high cleaning efficiency, saving water and energy; standardization of the cleaning process, online conductivity detection, cleaning effect can be monitored
RecordingHandwriting records, easy to be lostAutomatically record feeding quantity, production date, time, batch, operator and other production data, data can be put out for printing
Mal-practiceOccasionallySelf-locking device to avoid malpractice
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