Possible Defective Cause During Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing

Possible Defective Cause During Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing

Below we give several issues and troubleshooting during softgel manufacturing.

1. Sometimes soft capsule shape is bent or deform?

1.1 Possible Cause: The ribbon thickness of gelatin is not fixed or not right.
    Solution: Set the ribbon thickness right by the thickness gauge.
1.2 Possible Cause: Wedge holes is blocked.
     Solution: Stop the machine for a moment and clean the blocked parts by hot water after separation of Injection segment. After dry, assemble by reverse order.

2. In case material is much leaked in around wedge or Die roll during production?

2.1 Possible Cause: Medicine injection timing is not correct.
     Solution: Adjust via the clutch switch on left side of the machine. Re-adjust the medicine injection timing.

3. Sometimes the soft capsule is broken?

3.1 Gelatin viscosity or gelatin strength is low; you’d better prepare a new batch of gelatin or use better quality of gelatin powder.
3.2 wedge heater temperature too high or low, please adjust the temperature setting.
3.3 spreader box heater’s temperature goes too high, adjust that accordingly.
3.4 Other items to check as cooling drum radiator; cooling drum fan; heater, sensors of wedge; die roll Integrity; alignment; wedge Teflon coating; softgel machine room temperature too high.

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