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We are a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of softgel machines; Comparing our machines to that of western or European countries. We have obvious advantages:

  • JS softgel encapsulation machine can save up to 50-70% of the buyer’s budget (also including spare parts price).
  • Machine manufacturing lead time is much shorter, saves about 1 to 2 times. Speed up project schedule.
  • Machine’s quality and reliability are not inferior to Western products. Therefor JS machines are the best balanced between price and quality.
  • Provide most suitable production solutions and detailed consultation in a blueprint, budgeting, reducing risks.
  • A professional team to design, manufacture, test machines. Provide drawings, instruction& manuals, teaching videos or training upon request. Fast response, all machines come with easy to understand operation manual and troubleshooting guide.
  • Common spare parts always have in stock for ready and fast dispatch to reduce machine downtime.

A professional and experienced maintenance team, backed by strong technical force, provides long-term technical support, and sufficient supply of spare parts, reliable quality, and timely supply. We are committed to providing users with high-quality services, timely and reliably troubleshooting for users, and ensuring the normal operation of equipment. During covid time, we provide remote help via meeting and remote controlling module.

The warranty is 12 months from the installation of the machines. During the warranty period, it is responsible for the elimination of all faults, and free replacement of mechanical and electrical damaged parts due to the quality of the equipment itself.

After the warranty period, we promise: the replacement parts will be provided at a preferential price. If the user needs to change or upgrade the software, we will provide technical services. Provide users with the necessary spare parts in time to ensure the needs of users.

During the installation and commissioning of the equipment, we train the machine operators and maintenance personnel on-site. Basic working principle of equipment, operation, maintenance technology, failure analysis, and troubleshooting, routine maintenance, procedural steps for replacement of wearing parts, molds, dose adjustment and etc.,

Level of training: Ensure that the user’s operators fully grasp the operating procedures of the softgel machines, can operate the equipment normally; the maintenance personnel master the equipment maintenance measures, and can properly repair, maintain and troubleshoot general machinery failure.