How to Manufacture Herbal Softgel with Bee Wax and Extracts

How to Manufacture Herbal Softgel with Bee Wax and Extracts

Suspension and paste type softgel mainly uses herbal extracts, and oils as ingredients. Many softgel factories are manufacturing herbal softgel capsules. But for beginners without guidance, will face a lot of encapsulation issues, such as leakage, poor raw material preparation, sediment in suspension, oil and bee wax separate layers not even mixed and etc.,

For users who are using JS softgel production line, we can help solve issues with machines as well as technical support in manufacturing.

Take herbal softgel containing bee wax as an example. The main ingredients are oil, extracts/herbal powder, and bee wax. First of all, we need to melt bee wax with oil. Then we need to mix oil, beeswax, and powder well; a well-prepared batch suspension should be stable not having layers even standing still for a long time.

Many people fail in material preparation because it is tricky and crucial in temperature control. When we add oil and beewax with powder, the temperature should cool down and keep under a certain degree; the cooling seems not relevant, but very tricky, we cannot cool too fast. Otherwise, the oil and beewax will separate.

There is need of heating, cooling and heating again with strict temperature control. So the preparation tank better has a design with double jackets, and there better be two hot water sources in the built-in workshop to reduce preparation time.

To make sure the mixing is thorough, we need a colloid mill. (add homogenizing also is the best); Bee wax portion is important too based on the powder weight. Medicine solution discharge via an 80-100mesh filter.

Joysun designs a medicine prepare tank to do such a job with temperature PID, easing the practice. Welcome to contact us.

(   ) KGS oil

(   ) KGS powder

(   ) KGS bee wax

(   ) ℃ melting temperature 

(   ) ℃ mixing temperature  

(   ) ℃ milling temperature

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